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Find the best cold sore treatment by avoiding bad remedies

Around 20-30% of the population suffer from cold sore outbreaks yet, thankfully, there are a variety of treatments available which can reduce symptoms and potentially speed healing.

However, although there are many good products available – Herstat being one of them – there are also a lot of ineffective remedies being touted online and in poorly researched booklets.

So that you have a better chance of finding the best cold sore treatment for you, we have listed some therapies you can cross off your inventory from the outset.

Bad remedies


You might find some websites and other individuals stating that you can avoid developing a cold sore by putting suncream on only your lips. This is false information. Although UV rays can trigger an outbreak by weakening the immune system, these don't have to enter your body via the skin on your lips.

UV rays coming though any part of your skin could result in a cold sore. To reduce your risk of triggering an outbreak, you'll need to apply suncream to any exposed skin.

Methylated spirits

There are many forums and other information pages which explain that people applying methylated spirits to a cold sore can reduce the length of an outbreak. This is not advisable. Not only is it likely to sting, but repeated use of these types of substances can seriously harm your skin, causing redness and irritation.

Distilled vinegar

This is another remedy that is likely to hurt. According to some, applying distilled vinegar to a cold sore can help it heal faster than without treatment. This isn't true. Although vinegar has many uses, treating cold sores is not one of them.

Alcohol or witch hazel

There are some individuals who state that alcohol and witch hazel can kill the HSV-1 virus responsible for cold sore outbreaks. However, because these are astringents (chemical compounds that shrink or constrict body tissues) using them will dry out your cold sore. This is unlikely to aid healing since a moist environment is proven to be beneficial for skin repair.

In addition to this, neither of these substances has been clinically proven to speed the healing of cold sores.


A cold pack of ice pressed onto a cold sore is advertised by some as a great way of reducing the pain of an outbreak, as well as making blisters and lesions heal more quickly. Sadly, this is not the case. Although cooling the skin might reduce sensations of pain, this effect is only temporary, and ice will do nothing to reduce the length of an outbreak.

Other things to watch out for

As well as avoiding the use of ineffective treatments, there are certain behaviours you should employ in order to give yourself the best chance of evading triggering an outbreak.


This is a type of amino acid that is found in food and drink such as chocolate, some fizzy drinks, beer, and many types of nut. Avoid eating and drinking products which contain arginine as this could help you go longer without an outbreak and might also reduce the length of one once a cold sore develops. The virus HSV-1 requires the presence of this amino acid in order to replicate; without it, an outbreak might not run its full course.

Salty and acidic food

Food such as crisps, lemon, and others that contain acid and salt can cause an outbreak and aggravate a cold sore because they cause some tissue damage upon consumption, which makes it easier for the virus to take hold.

Touch, scratch, pick

If you would like to avoid the blisters of a cold sore spreading from one area of your body to another, make sure you don't touch them without washing your hands afterwards. In addition, scratching and picking at cold sores could make them more painful and is likely to extend the length of an outbreak as you are preventing the skin from healing.

Getting the cold sore wet

When a scab finally forms over your cold sore, this indicates that your outbreak is coming to an end. To speed up the healing, try to avoid getting the scab wet since this might weaken it and cause it to fall off. This could result in the cold sore not healing as quickly as it would have with the scab intact.

Not changing your toothbrush regularly

HSV-1 – the virus responsible for cold sore outbreaks – can survive for some time on your toothbrush. To avoid prompting another outbreak before your skin has fully healed, it's a good idea to throw out your old toothbrush.

A good remedy


Outbreaks can last for up to 12 days, however, our cold sore treatment has been clinically proven in trials to free participants of all symptoms within an average of seven days. This showed that healing was much faster for the individuals who were treated with Herstat than for those who didn't receive any medical intervention at all. The studies also confirmed that our product can heal cold sores several days faster than some of the active ingredients used in other well-known products.

In addition to this, Herstat comes in a tamper-proof tube which can be safely reused throughout many outbreaks, without spreading the infection. Tests found that the product remained active and sterile even after being opened and used.

Furthermore, the ointment can be applied at any stage of an outbreak and still help to reduce pain and speed healing – unlike many other products which must be applied at the first tingling stages to be effective.

Herstat could be the best cold sore treatment for you. Purchase a tube today to see and feel the beneficial effects for yourself.