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Product information

Herstat cold sore treatment is available either as an ointment in a tube, for easy application, or as a conveniently sized LipCare stick. The ointment can be used at any time throughout a cold sore outbreak, and the LipCare stick has been developed to be used, between outbreaks, to protect your lips.

By applying Herstat ointment directly to the skin - either at the early stages when tingling and burning sensations start, when blisters have appeared or when they have broken into ulcers, or when the scabbing and crusting process has begun - people experiencing tingling and itching, as well as suffering with blisters and pain, can reduce the duration and symptoms of cold sores.

Our cold sore treatment helps speed healing whilst providing relief from symptoms such as pain, redness and dry skin, by creating a barrier that retains moisture, softening the aggravated area, and preventing the lesion from becoming contaminated.

Its various properties can reduce the discomfort suffered and get rid of any unsightly blisters faster and more efficiently than other brands of cold sore treatment currently available. In fact, Herstat cold sore treatment was shown to work 3.53 days faster than a placebo during a trial, with 93.9% of the participants (who had unknowingly used our effective treatment), stating they would use it again.

Further to this, in clinical trials of other cold sore treatments, most products tested actually healed cold sores less than a day faster than the placebo, meaning those who bought these products had experienced little benefit.

As well as being more effective than many other available brands, our ointment differs in that it can be applied at any stage of a cold sore outbreak.

The majority of other treatments must be applied as early as possible at the first appearance of symptoms in order for them to work effectively. However, Herstat's cold sore ointment reduces swelling and redness, minimises pain  and helps to heal no matter what stage of the outbreak treatment was started.

Buying Herstat

Many people who experience cold sores have tried everything under the sun to get rid of their symptoms and so, naturally, when another treatment comes along claiming to ease their discomfort, they are sceptical.

Well we're here to tell you that your search for a cold sore treatment that actually works could now be over. Why not try a tube of ointment to see for yourself why we're so eager to shout about our product.

See and feel the benefits for yourself by ordering our ointment through the Buy Products page.

To learn more about our product, for example, how it is made or how it performed in clinical trials and its ingredients, please browse the website.