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How to speed up cold sore healing time

Without treatment a cold sore can take up to 12 days to heal. That is a long time to spend in discomfort. Thankfully, Herstat can significantly shorten an outbreak, as well as reduce symptoms of pain, redness, swelling, and dry skin.

The stages of a cold sore

If you don't treat a cold sore you are likely to experience the following symptoms during an outbreak:

  • Day 0-1: A tingling sensation on the edge of your lip – this is caused by the replication of the HSV-1 virus;
  • Day 2-3: At this point a blister usually develops – this occurs because the epithelial cells from which the skin is made become infected. This is usually the most painful stage of an outbreak;
  • Day 3-6: At around this time blisters will turn into ulcers and begin to weep – this takes place when the epithelial cells are destroyed by the virus. At this point a cold sore is at its most contagious;
  • Day 6-9: From this stage onwards, the lesion is no longer developing but healing. Cold sore ulcers should begin to form scabs;
  • Day 9-12: Eventually the scabs will fall off and the new skin that has formed to heal the wound will be revealed. It might take a few days for it to look like the rest of your skin.

Herstat clinical trials – healing at speed

During clinical trials we tested our ointment alongside the active ingredients used in well-known brands, as well as a placebo. Herstat healed cold sores, on average, 3.5 days faster than the placebo, several days faster than the other products' active ingredients, whilst participants using our treatment found themselves free of all symptoms by day seven of their outbreak.

'Healing', in this case, was defined as 'time to normal skin', whereas in many other studies conducted using other products, it was defined as 'time to loss of crust'.

Before it was revealed to participants whether they had used Herstat or a placebo during the trial, they were asked how effective the treatment had been. Only 5.7% and 11.4% of the placebo group stated 'very effective' and 'somewhat effective' respectively. The rest of this group believed their treatment to be 'hardly effective' or 'ineffective'. In comparison, 81.8% of those treated with Herstat thought the product was 'very effective' and the remaining 18.2% thought it was 'somewhat effective'.

Whilst still unaware of whether they had used Herstat or a placebo, participants were also asked whether they would use the product again. A resounding 93.9% of the Herstat group said they would, whilst 94.3% of the placebo group said they wouldn't.

Try Herstat for yourself

To reduce unpleasant symptoms and speed up the healing time of your cold sore, you should apply Herstat from the onset of symptoms. However, unlike other products, which have to be applied at the tingling stage in order to be effective, Herstat will still work even if applied at later stages of your outbreak.

The ointment in each tube is also safe to be used throughout the duration of several outbreaks. This is due to the propolis we blend with our other ingredients – a 100 per cent natural, antiviral substance which not only acts as a preservative, but also sterilises our product. This means there is no need to discard an unfinished tube for fear that microbes will cause contamination.

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