Relief from the symptoms of cold sores
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Relief from the symptoms of your cold sore with
Herstat Lip Care Ointment

Herstat helps soothe and moisturise your lips and provides a protective barrier which allows your cold sore to heal.

Herstat Lip Care is available as a complete solution. Our ointment helps relieve the symptoms of your cold sore by providing a conducive enviroment for healing, whilst our LipCare stick will care for your lips between outbreaks.

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Effective in every way

Herstat can be used at any point during your cold sore outbreak and helps relieve the symptoms of cold sores such as dry, cracked, sore lips.

Carefully balanced formula

Herstat is a lip protectant and contains a high content of mineral oils and waxes (petrolatum) along with a variety of other complementary ingredients. These combined ingredients help to form a protective barrier around the affected area, allowing the area around the cold sore to retain moisture, thus creating a conducive environment for healing.

These ingredients also help to soften the skin and relieve dryness, prevent cracking and fissuring of the cold sore. This helps your body to accelerate the natural healing process and thus alleviate the pain.

Other ingredients include Lanolin (Wool Fat), Liquid Paraffin and purified propolis extract which is derived from Canadian beehives.

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  • Petrolatum
  • Liquid Paraffin
  • Propolis Extract
  • Ethanol
  • Lanolin

Apply Herstat at any stage

What's great about Herstat Lip Care is you can apply the ointment at any stage of a cold sore outbreak.

Herstat will help prevent your lips from drying out and will soften the scabs and help prevent and temporarily protect chapped or cracked lips.

The propolis extract used in Herstat makes our ointment pleasant to use with a nice vanilla-like scent and a smooth texture which also helps to soothe and moisturise your lips.

Money Back Guarantee!
We will refund your money if you find that Herstat is not the best product that you have ever tried to ease the symptoms of your cold sore.

Latest Reviews

Star Rating

"I never write reviews and I purchase a lot on Amazon. But I had to write one for Herstat ointment. Like many, I have suffered from cold sores since I was a child. The older I get the less frequent they become but the anxiety and embarrassment get worse. I have tried everything on the market but nothing really works, how it says it should. I woke up the other day with a small cold sore, I don't get the tingle, they just appear as a red lump in the mornings. I immediately put herstat on it and repeated to do so several times that day. I can honestly say, it never amounted to anything other than a tiny lump. No itching, swelling, soreness; nothing. I have never, ever had that reaction to a product. When a sore arises it grows big and lasts for around 10 days. I also use the Herstat lip balm every day and night. I believe that using both together really works wonders."

-Amazon Customer

Star Rating

"I don’t usually write reviews but in this case I had to! I have suffered on and off for years with cold sores and tried so many different treatments, including Zovirax but nothing has ever really worked effectively. Herstat was recommended to me by a friend who said it was ‘life changing’ for her. She was right! Not only has this cleared up my cold sore around four days quicker than acyclovir based treatments but it had a really soothing effect that made me feel like I was actually doing my skin some good instead of killing it with chemicals. There was almost no itchiness and hardly any blistering. Apparently they also make a stick I can use to keep the cold sores away, I haven’t tried that yet but I definitely will. I honestly can’t recommend this product highly enough! Thank you so much Herstat"


Star Rating

"Finally a cold sore treatment that really works well, at the 1st sign I apply this gel and the cold sore either doesn’t appear or it’s so unlike my usual cold sore out breaks it made me wonder if I’d actually had one at all!! Since using this product a cold sore out break is a lot less traumatic too, the symptoms don’t seem as bad, my cold sores have been a lot smaller, not blistered and turned crusty, healed and disappeared a lot quicker, there’s not been much pain either. For me this product works so much better than others on the market, it’s brilliant and would highly recommend to other sufferers. I received a free lip care stick too which I now use instead of my other lip balms. Thank you for the freebie and for this life changing product."

-Anne-Marie Leddington