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Cold Sores in Children – Unwelcome but Formative

Like it or not, formative childhood experiences are comprised of both the good and the bad, and unfortunately into this latter category must go childhood illness. Whether it is a bout of chickenpox, a virus that gives a hallucinatory fever or repeated long afternoons in the school sanatorium, all of us will have memories of childhood ailments.

Which brings us to the cold sore virus; most people will be exposed to it between the ages of one and five and, for many of these, exposure will result in a cold sore outbreak. All children will react differently to the sudden appearance of discomfort and the formation of small blisters around their lips and mouth (or chin, cheeks or nose).

What can parents do?

Although a first-time cold sore outbreak is unlikely to cause serious complications, parents should definitely consult a doctor, particularly as cold sores can lead to HSV keratitis, the leading cause of blindness in the world.

Fortunately, unless a child has specific medical issues or a compromised immune system, exposure to the cold sore virus will usually be harmless. However, first-time outbreaks often result in a condition called primary HSV in which the blisters spread from beyond their initial location and may result in flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat, fever and swollen lymph glands. Parents should consult a doctor about the possibility of taking anti-viral medication and should seek emergency medical help in the event of high temperature, the spreading of the blister or any worrying or unusual symptoms.

Nowadays there are many things a parent can do to reduce the occurrence of cold sores, to lessen their appearance and duration. Many of these steps are dietary, but it is also useful to know that there are natural products that have proven clinical efficacy in combating cold sore outbreaks.

Herstat, a natural cold sore treatment made using propolis, is clinically proven to be more effective than any other remedy on the market today, reducing the time it takes for symptoms to disappear.