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Your Christmas Cold Sore Remedy Options

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covering upNo one wants a cold sore at Christmas. In fact, who wants one at any time of the year? Yes, not only can cold sores be itchy, uncomfortable and painful, but they can also be unsightly and difficult to conceal.

Of course, eating well and staying stress-free in the build-up to Christmas is the best way to prevent a cold sore from appearing in the first place but, unfortunately, doing this is no guarantee of guarding against an outbreak. The next best option would be the timely application of an effective cold sore remedy in the hope of healing the cold sore before Christmas, but if neither of these measures can be achieved and you find that you are sporting a large and conspicuous cold sore for your workplace Christmas party or family Christmas Day gathering, what are your options?

Covering up a cold sore

Unfortunately, if you wish to shorten the lifespan of a cold sore while staying as comfortable as possible, you should avoid applying any makeup or concealer to your cold sore – at least until the point at which it crusts over – any other strategy risks working against your aims and only making things worse.

Once it is a suitable time to cover up a cold sore, you may be able to apply a small amount of makeup over your chosen cold sore remedy. However, be aware that in doing this you may sometimes only serve to make the cold sore slightly less conspicuous while also drawing attention to your face. Yes, you can disguise redness by neutralising with a green concealer and blending the edges, but sometimes it is simply best to ride out the cold sore while taking the best possible remedial action. This means that although your cold sore might be visible to some extent, it is likely to heal sooner if you haven't simply gone for a short-term cosmetic fix.

The art of festive distraction

One way to take attention away from your cold sore is to focus the attention elsewhere. Fortunately, Christmas is an ideal time to do this. Whether you wish to wear some Christmas bauble earrings, a reindeer headband or the most garish Christmas jumper in history, the options are plentiful. Afterall who is going to notice your cold sore if they have just been hit square in the eyes by your migraine-inducing knitwear?