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Find out how to effectively treat your cold sore

Without any treatment, most cold sores will heal within twelve days, but that is a long time to suffer from this painful condition, not to mention the often unpleasant visible signs of the virus.

Cold sores are a recurring issue, and if you include yourself in the 20-30% of the population who endure them, it's likely that you have already found your preferred treatment when you feel the first tingling sensations of an outbreak.

But how successful is the treatment you've chosen? There might be a more effective way of getting rid of your cold sores.

Here we've come up with a list of potential remedies to provide you with some options should you be struggling with your outbreak and are wondering how to treat your cold sore more effectively.

Potential treatments

From the pharmacy

Some people use antiviral creams or patches in the treatment of cold sores. Many different brands are available but these need to be applied at the first sign of an outbreak when a tingling sensation on the skin around the lips is experienced. If used early enough, these products might speed up the healing time of cold sores, however, this can't be guaranteed.

There are also non-antiviral products available. These will not speed healing but can reduce sensations of pain or irritation.

To reduce pain during an outbreak, you can also take painkillers.

Important - Speak with your GP if you are pregnant and have cold sores, or before using any of these products for the first time.

From old wives' tales

Apparently, cooling cold sores down using ice cubes and applying a cool compress of milk can help reduce the pain of a cold sore. In addition to this, pressing a warm tea bag against the problem area could also help ease pain due to the tannin contained in the tea.

These might help, but only temporarily, and only with the pain. It is unlikely that these remedies will help much with the healing process.

From Herstat

Our product gives you the best of both worlds.

Herstat cold sore treatment cream helps promote faster healing AND it helps to reduce pain.

Results oof a clinical study supported these claims, as participants were free of all cold sore symptoms within an average of about six days.

Find out more about our ingredients by clicking here.

What's more, unlike other topical treatments, Herstat cold sore ointment is effective at any point during an outbreak – great for those of you who need a treatment that works when a cold sore has already developed.

If you would like to find a better way to treat your cold sore, try Herstat's ointment by ordering a tube from our online store today.