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Cold sore on the cobbles – Will the Corrie Star Remember her Cold Sore Cream?

The recent plight of Coronation Street actress Julia Goulding may be familiar to any person who has ever attempted to creatively conceal a cold sore. After appearing on the iconic ITV Manchester soap in an episode in which her character, Shona Ramsey, was ailing in a coma, she received a barrage of messages on Twitter asking her one important question: had she had lip fillers?

Some of the Tweets she received included the following:

"Has Shona had lips done while she been in a coma?"

"When did Shona have time to get her lips done, while she was in a coma?" commented another viewer.

"Didn’t realise they performed lip fillers in A&E," commented one.

However, the actress magnanimously attempted to clarify the situation for confused fans, with her explanation a familiar one to any person who has ever had to rely on cold sore cream and creative make-up in order to negotiate their way through an outbreak.

"For those of you wondering about Shona’s (my) lips, I’ve NOT had lip fillers done or cosmetic enhancements," Tweeted Goulding.

"I did however have a giant cold sore when filming these scenes!"

Embarrassed fans then quickly apologised, with some noting that, on closer inspection, the soap star’s upper lip was swollen only on one side.

Others expressed sympathy. "I am really glad you didn’t as you don’t need anything your a stunning young lady. Sorry about the cold sore, but your lip being swollen worked well for the scenes,” said one.

Goulding’s character is in a coma after as a result of being shot on Christmas Day while hiding in a box from the drunken gunman, Derek Milligan.

Her character will likely recover – most probably when Goulding returns from maternity leave – but there is speculation that she will be beset by memory issues. Hopefully she remembers where she keeps her cold sore cream!