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Cold Sore Treatment for the Runner

If you are a regular runner, particularly if you are an all-weather or ultra-marathon runner, there is a strong chance that you know all about post-run cold sores. Furthermore, if you do suffer from post-run cold sores, chances are that they tend to be on or around the same spot each time you experience an outbreak.

Unfortunately, unlike painful muscles, the pain of a cold sore does not indicate any good and, unless you have a reliable cold sore treatment to speed you along your way to recover, it's likely that your cold sore blisters will take between a week and ten days to clear up.

During this time, however, you have to contend with pain, discomfort and worries about protecting those around you from contact with the virus. Remember, if you have a cold sore and are physically active, particularly in training sessions that involve skin-to-skin contact, your lesion could potentially cause an outbreak of herpes gladiatorum, a cold sore-related condition also know as “scrumpox” that is common among wrestlers, rugby players and other sports and sports clubs that involve bodily contact.

Managing stress in training

In many ways, long-distance running is about managing fatigue and stress. Given that these are two of the biggest triggers for cold sores, the better you manage these during your training, the less likely you are to experience an outbreak that leaves you in desperate need of a cold sore treatment.

As such, you should try and identify your thresholds. Try and work out your training triggers so that you can avoid going over your mileage and effort thresholds, lowering your immunity and suffering a cold sore outbreak.

If you have a big race coming up – for example, a 50-mile ultra across the Pennines – you should see your GP to discuss the possibility of antiviral medications to help you suppress any possible outbreak. Alternatively, you may wish to try Herstat’s LipCare Stick with Propolis ACF in order to reduce the possibility of an outbreak.