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Wedding Day Cold Sore Outbreaks

wedding dayFew things are as panic-inducing as a pre-wedding day cold sore outbreak.

This is understandable, for most of us our wedding days are right up there in the pantheon of our life events – matched only perhaps by the birth of a child.

So what do we do if we are approaching our big day, getting ready for our first married kiss, and we feel that tell-tale tingle which lets us know that although we might have spent many months and thousands of pounds on planning our wedding, a cold sore is going to be an uninvited guest that lets itself in right at the centre of the action.

It is little surprise that this should happen. After all, the protracted preamble of a wedding brings with it just about every conceivable cold sore trigger including tiredness and stress.

Short of cancelling the wedding, there is nothing you can do to be assured that your cold sore will disappear. As such, the most you can hope for is to speed up the healing process. This is where using your best cold sore cream can be useful. For example, Herstat is clinically proven to heal cold sores 3.5 days faster than in the absence of any treatment.

Time is of the essence of course. The sooner you apply your best cold sore cream option, the sooner the sore will heal. However, this does not mean that you can be guaranteed to be lesion-free on the day of your wedding, only that you increase your chances of your cold sore being less of an issue.

Fortunately, for those who do have a blister come the day of their wedding, a good make-up artist should be able to camouflage it sufficiently for it not to be upstaging you as you make your way down the aisle.

And if you're worried about your wedding photographs, just count yourself lucky that we live in the age of Photoshop. Your wedding photographer should easily be able to digitally smooth out the edges of your cold sore, making it vanish from all records of your ceremony.