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Go Stress-Free to Go Cold Sore-Free in 2019

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new yearStress is a big part of the start of a new year. After going through the planning and purchasing of Christmas, we have to yet again face reality head-on in the new year while also feeling the pressure of our resolutions and the desire to make a successful start.

Unfortunately, as we all know, stress can help activate cold sores. So, what can be done to try and ensure that you get the new year off to a great start with the minimum amount of stress and lowest possible chance of developing a cold sore?

Technical solutions

We are mammals and as such are prone to the same ‘fight or flight' response as our near and distant cousins. If we can find a way to avoid going into this primal defence mode, we can help keep stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol at bay.

Of course, we have to recognise that it is not always possible to do this, but by practising useful techniques such as mindfulness, mindful breathing, yoga and meditation, we can reduce the scope for stress and cold sores to develop. Lowering stress by even just a small amount can have many positive knock-on effects, including improved sleep and reduced spending on cold sore creams and other remedies

Ease the pressure

Sometimes in the new year it is tempting to put too much pressure on ourselves. Be realistic about your aspirations and don't chastise yourself too much for those occasions when you do not quite fulfil your resolutions.

By being philosophical about where you're at, you can ease feelings of guilt or inadequacy and, importantly, stress.

Identify your triggers

One useful resolution is to identify the things that are making you feel stressed in the first place. Whether it is your job, a dynamic with your partner or children, a commute or an unresolved financial or family issue, by working out what it is that is causing you stress, you can begin to tackle the problem.

Take some time to make lists and plans so that you can get on top of things – although it can be difficult to confront the issue, doing so can stop it from becoming a bigger problem.

Find a reliable cold sore cream

The prospect of a cold sore is far less stress-making if you have a cold sore cream that you trust to deal effectively with the problem. Herstat is a propolis-based remedy that is clinically proven to be a more effective cold sore cream than the acyclovir-based remedies available from your pharmacist.