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Herstat has a new website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. On it you will find in-depth information about our Herstat cold sore treatment ointment, our LipCare stick, clinical trials, the herpes simplex virus, and the symptoms of cold sores, as well as other useful facts.

Our ointment is one of the most effective products currently available for the relief of cold sore symptoms. Not only does it help to reduce the discomfort of outbreaks by keeping the skin around the affected area supple, but it promotes faster healing thanks to a barrier effect that creates a moist environment.

After running clinical trials, 93.9% of the participants who had used Herstat on their cold sore said that they would use it again. Furthermore, to avoid bias, participants had been randomly given either Herstat or a placebo to test, meaning those who eventually said they would use the ointment again, were not influenced by the knowledge that they had used our treatment.

In contrast, how many of the placebo group said they would use their treatment again? Unimpressed by the results, 94.3% of those who had been given the placebo treatment without knowing, said they wouldn't use it again. Not surprising, considering that Herstat has been made after years of research and from carefully selected ingredients.

If you'd like to learn more about our cold sore treatment, visit the new site today.