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Finding a cold sore remedy that works fast

Herstat is proud to say that our cold sore remedy contains a great natural ingredient - propolis.

We shout from the rooftops about the healing properties of propolis because we truly believe it helps to make our cold sore remedy truly effective; working better than many natural treatments you may have tried.

Advantages of propolis

Prohibits Growth
Propolis is an effective treatment for cold sores as its antimicrobial properties prohibit the growth of microorganisms, such as those present in the herpes simplex virus.

Applying Herstat regularly (every 2-4 hours during an outbreak) is the key to unlocking maximum healing potential.

Anyone who suffers from a cold sore outbreak will know that the redness and scabbing they cause can be really embarrassing when going about day-to-day life. Our solution? Banish the blemish fast by applying Herstat.

The active compounds in propolis help damaged skin tissue to heal and this speeds up recovery time.

Gentle on your skin
The pain relieving capabilities of propolis are well documented. That's why it is used in a range of alternative treatments for ailments such as for sore throats and in nasal sprays.

When used on a cold sore propolis aids pain relief by reducing inflammation, and the petrolatum helps to keep the area moisturised, while not feeling sticky.

It's an added bonus that Herstat cold sore cream smells great and won't leave a bad taste in your mouth, like some other products.

Goodbye cold sore

If you want a cold sore remedy which contains the natural ingredient of propolis, why not try Herstat.

Herstat fights the herpes simplex virus and heals skin damage fast – really fast.

This is why we won't apologise for raving about our product. Try it for yourself and you soon will be too.

Click here to buy now.