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Results and methods of Herstat clinical study

HERSTAT CLINICAL STUDY Patients with a history of recurring cold sores (herpes labialis) were block-randomised and given a tube of ointment (either 3% propolis ointment ACF or placebo ointment) to use on a cold sore as soon as it appeared. They were instructed to use the ointment five times per day and diarise the time of application, cold sore stage, and degree of pain. The propolis extract used in Herstat Cold Sore Care ointment is a patented, purified extract of propolis designated ACF (Antiviral Complex of Flavonoids). It is obtained from a specific region in Canada where poplar trees are prolific. The anaesthetic activity produced by propolis produces a local effect. It is related to the anti-inflammatory activity of flavonoids and derivatives of caffeic acid. Propolis has been proven to be active against herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1). In vitro studies show that propolis causes a direct inactivation of the virus (virucidal activity) along with inhibition of virus multiplication inside infected cells. Effects on tissue regeneration have been researched, in vitro and in vivo, where healing of experimental lesions was significantly accelerated when treated with propolis compared to control treatments. The results prove it - Herstat with 3% propolis ACF is a cold sore treatment you can rely on (unless you are allergic to bees and bee products - always read the label/instructions for use).When applied every two hours during an outbreak, or at least five times a day, Herstat can, on average, reduce the healing time of your cold sore by around three and a half days.We are so confident you will achieve great results using Herstat that we offer a no-quibble, money-back guarantee. *All above information/data reported in The Journal of Clinical Research 2001, Volume 4, pp 65-75 A randomised, double-blind placebo test was conducted in Sweden to assess the efficacy of Herstat (3% propolis ointment ACF*). Patients chosen Patients who had a cold sore and completed the trial without protocolviolations Those using placebo ointment Those using propolis ointment MEAN AGE WAS THE TREATMENT: HOW DID THE TRIAL WORK? DID IT WORK? Very effective Somewhat effective Hardly effective Ineffective Very effective Somewhat effective Hardly effective Ineffective Propolis Placebo TREATMENT WAS USEFUL TO: Accelerate healing Accelerate loss of crust Reduce intensity of pain Reduce duration of pain Limit size of cold sore Accelerate healing Accelerate loss of crust Reduce intensity of pain Reduce duration of pain Limit size of cold sore Propolis Placebo WOULD YOU USE THIS TREATMENT AGAIN? HERSTAT - A COLD SORE TREATMENT PROVEN TOHELP REDUCE PAIN AND HEAL YOU FASTER CHARACTERISTICS OF THOSE WHO COMPLETED THE TRIAL THE WONDERS OF PROPOLIS TREATMENT GROUPS PROPOLIS PLACEBO Men Women Years with disease (mean) No. episodes per year (mean) Typical outbreak duration 7-9 days Patients' main triggers Patients who experienced prodrome (early onset symptoms) always or most of the time Healing time (researcher assessed) Pain resolution by 7 days (patient assessed) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE So why not buy a tube today, with confidence. Propolis is also known as 'bee glue' due to its resinous nature. It is collected from various plant sources and used to secure holes in the hive and keep it sterile.