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Propolis benefits in cold sore care

This 100% natural substance has a rich history that extends back to ancient times. Added to Herstat cold sore treatment to act as a preservative, you may find yourself experiencing the propolis benefits which have been documented for centuries.

In our ointment, Propolis ACF complements the other carefully-selected ingredients; however, it may also bring you some other well-known advantages.

Propolis is actually proven to be:

  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anaesthetic
  • Regenerative (a wound healer)

Propolis is a natural substance that is collected from beehives. The propolis used by Herstat comes from a well-defined area of Canada - this particular resin-type material has been specifically extracted and purified, and undergoes rigorous cleaning and quality checks before it can be certified under the unique registered name of Propolis ACF®.

What benefits will you see and feel?

Herstat is a 'topical' cold sore ointment, which means it will work when placed in direct contact with the affected skin. This will help to retain moisture and soften your cold sore, which is proven to accelerate healing. The ointment will also reduce inflammation and relieve pain - what more could you ask for from a little tube?

Please visit our page on cold sores and the herpes simplex virus for more information about how the infection spreads.

Many people who suffer with cold sores state that, if they cannot have a cure, then they would be happy to find a treatment which helps to speed up the healing process. We are proud to say this is exactly what our product achieves.

Oh, and did we mention that you can apply our product at any stage of your cold sore outbreak and still expect to see positive results? Try Herstat to see (and feel) what you've been missing.