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How to treat the dry skin caused by a cold sore

There are many different products and home remedies available for the treatment of cold sores, but not all of them will be effective on the full range of symptoms experienced during an outbreak.

For example, some treatments will contain astringents (substances that constrict tissue), which can cause dry and irritated skin to tighten up further and become even more uncomfortable. This won't help promote healing as your cold sore, and the surrounding skin, needs to be kept moisturised.

Some of the remedies which are prone to cause dryness include:

  • Wet teabags
  • Alcohol
  • Toothpaste
  • Witch Hazel

Thankfully, Herstat treats not only the dry skin around your cold sore, but also other symptoms such as pain and swelling. Our comprehensive treatment will even substantially reduce the duration of an outbreak.

The benefits of Herstat when applied to dry skin

Herstat cold sore treatment comes in the form of an oil-based ointment which works to keep your skin moisturised for longer when compared to other water-based creams and lotions, which are thinner in consistency.

Our smooth, pleasant-tasting product forms a protective barrier that penetrates through to the deeper layers of your skin, helping them to stay hydrated. Unlike other lotions, this creates a moist environment which is proven to be conducive to wound healing, as well as helping to prevent further infection.

Not only should this ease the pain caused by cracked or itchy skin, but it should also help to speed up the healing of any blisters and lesions.

How soon should I see the effects?

Herstat will get to work on your cold sore symptoms within hours of being applied.

Also, whereas many other products are only effective if used from the first tingling sensation that's felt when a cold sore begins to develop, Herstat can be applied at any stage of an outbreak and will remain active throughout the cycle, as long as you keep applying it as directed.

So, although it is always a good idea to treat your cold sore as early as possible, Herstat can still help to ease your pain and discomfort even if you don't manage to apply it from the outset of your symptoms.

Clinical trials of our ointment showed that, on average, Herstat healed participants of all symptoms – leaving them with normal skin* – by day seven of an outbreak. That is several days faster than some other, well-known brands.

Please click here to visit the product page where you can order Herstat today to see and feel the benefits for yourself.

*Defined as when the skin has returned to its usual state, without irritation or blemishes.