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How to stop a cold sore outbreak

There are a number of ways in which you can reduce the symptoms of a cold sore, and potentially speed the healing, for example some people swear by using vinegar on an outbreak.

However, although many remedies can have some effect on a cold sore, this is likely to be brief and work on just a few symptoms. In fact, some of these remedies, such as vinegar, can actually be quite painful and might aggravate symptoms.

If you want to know how to stop a cold sore outbreak from going through all of its stages and causing you pain and discomfort for the duration, try Herstat.

How does Herstat work?

This clinically proven cold sore treatment ointment is made from a range of simple, naturally occurring and naturally derived ingredients, including white soft paraffin, propolis, and lanolin.

Each of these ingredients provide beneficial properties which help reduce the symptoms of an outbreak, such as pain, redness, swelling, and dry skin, and assist your body in healing a cold sore faster.

Working together, they create a moist environment (which is scientifically proven to promote wound healing), as well as form a protective barrier around a cold sore to prevent further infection.

In addition, our ointment softens your skin, reducing the urge to pick or scratch at the affected area, and, because it is an oil based product, rather than water based one like many creams are, it can remain on your skin for longer and penetrate into the deeper layers to help retain moisture better.

How do I use Herstat?

Many other products must be applied at the outset of a cold sore, during the tingling stages. Herstat can be applied at any stage of an outbreak and still be effective, although we still advise that you use the ointment as soon as possible so that our treatment can start reducing your symptoms from the very beginning.

A small amount of Herstat goes a long way. You can apply our treatment to your cold sore as often as you want, but for best results we have found that one application every two hours, or at least five times a day, works well.

One 2g tube of our ointment can last through many outbreaks, and remain sterile due to the preservative, antimicrobial propolis it contains – so there's no need to discard a tube that isn't empty yet.

Where can I purchase a tube?

Our ointment can be purchased on this website. Please click here to be taken to the produce page. We also have a LipCare Stick available for protection in between outbreaks, which you can read more about, and purchase, by clicking here.