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How to reduce your risk of having a cold sore outbreak

There is currently no cure for cold sores, but thankfully treatments are available to ease symptoms. Herstat is one of the most effective available, having been clinically proven to work more efficiently against outbreaks than active ingredients found in some other leading brands.

However, despite treatments being available, you probably want to reduce the frequency of your outbreaks as well as get rid of them quickly when they develop.

There are two ways of doing this:

  • One – By using our LipCare Stick in between outbreaks you can prevent yourself from suffering from cold sores as often as you usually do. To read more about this product, and to purchase it, please click here.

  • Two – Avoiding certain cold sore triggers should help you go longer without suffering an outbreak.

What triggers a cold sore?

Below we have listed the common triggers for cold sores. By avoiding these, you could find that you do not suffer outbreaks as often as normal. Couple this knowledge of triggers with our LipCare Stick, and help fight off any outbreaks fast using Herstat's ointment, and cold sores might become an occasional annoyance rather than a constant concern.

Generally speaking, the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) responsible for cold sores only comes out of dormancy when your immune system is weakened. This means that an outbreak could develop when you:

  • Are feeling stressed
  • Are fatigued
  • Have been exposed to UV light (the sun or sun-beds)
  • Are suffering from an illness (this could just be a common cold)
  • Have been exposed to extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  • Are pregnant or menstruating
  • Have suffered an injury to the area around your lips
  • Have undergone a dental procedure
  • Have eaten foods with a high arginine content (this amino acid helps HSV-1 replicate)

Of course some of these triggers cannot be avoided – if you require dental surgery, for example, cancelling your appointment is not advised. But with an understanding of what triggers cold sores you can prepare yourself for an outbreak by applying Herstat at the first signs of tingling, eating healthily, and getting plenty of rest in order to help your immune system fight the virus.

If you would like to read more about Herstat's ointment, please click here.