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Treatment of cold sores

Despite cold sores healing without treatment within about eight to twelve days, they can cause a lot of discomfort, and their appearance can make some people self-conscious, so it's only natural that you will want to get rid of them quickly.

However, waiting twelve days is a long time – that's almost two weeks of your life spent suffering with something you could have prevented or at least, reduced.

There are a number of available treatments for cold sores on the market today – although there is currently no known cure. These include a range of cold sore topical treatments, such as antiviral creams and patches, and non-antiviral products.

Antiviral treatments

The antiviral topical products, to be applied to the affected area, can help speed up the healing time of a cold sore outbreak.

However, the problem with some of these antiviral treatments, such as acyclovir and penciclovir, is that if they're not applied early enough in the outbreak's life cycle – i.e. the tingling or, to use its scientific name, the prodromal phase – they are unlikely to be effective. This is because once blisters have already formed, it means the virus has replicated and started to kill the cells. Applying antiviral cream at this stage won't be of much use.

Most cold sore treatments currently on the market only have antiviral properties. There is scientific research, however, that suggests Herstat containing Propolis ACF may be more effective than other topical antivirals.

Non-antiviral treatments

These treatments do not speed the healing process, but instead help ease the discomfort of cold sores by reducing inflammation and pain.

Individuals may also choose to take painkillers in the form of tablets, as these can reduce the pain and inflammation experienced.

Studies of Propolis have shown it to have anaesthetic properties, so it can help soothe the pain in addition to speeding up the healing process. The substance's regenerative properties also help encourage the skin to heal. In short, propolis has a wide range of properties, far more than other antiviral treatments, that means no matter which stage of the cold sore outbreak it's applied, it will have beneficial effects.

That's why Herstat, which contains 3% Propolis ACF, is very effective at treating cold sores and all of their unpleasant symptoms.

Herstat – anti-cold sore – full stop

Unlike simple antiviral and non-antiviral cold sore remedies, Herstat cold sore topical treatment can be applied at any stage of the cold sore episode, helping to reduce discomfort and improve healing time.

Herstat provides a barrier to retain moisture, protects against secondary infection, helps reduce inflammation and pain by softening the skin in the irritated area, and generally creates an environment favourable to faster recovery from cold sores.

All in all, our product can help to reduce the duration of your cold sore, whilst providing comfort and symptomatic relief.

We have two products which help you battle against your cold sore symptoms. These include:

Herstat Cold Sore Ointment

  • Use: When you are presented with cold sore symptoms and need to take action against these in a herpes simplex virus outbreak.
  • Benefits: This handy little tube of ointment helps to improve healing time and alleviate symptoms fast.

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Herstat LipCare Stick

  • Use: Between cold sore outbreaks.
  • Benefits: Provides everyday protection and is effective against dry or chapped lips. Helps reduce UVA and UVB damage.

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Buy them both today and start reaping the benefits of Herstat treatment for cold sores.